Market Indicators


wdt_ID Chartbook Description
1 Key Indicator Tables Readings from the most recent close, no charts.
2 Key Indicators Chartbook Quick review of key psychology, monetary, and valuation charts
3 Investment Strategy Handbook A comprehensive chartbook of valuable stock market data including: market internals, psychology, monetary, valuation, domestic and international stock indices, interest rates, commodities, and currencies.
4 Market Internals Market Internals and breadth measures on US stock exchanges including Arms, McClellan, 21 Day Oscillator, Net New Highs, Overbought Oversold and Advance/Decline lines
5 Psychology Indicators Key market sentiment indicators
6 Monetary Conditions Major monetary indicators including the yield curve, key interest rates, our bond momentum indicator, monetary aggregates, etc.
7 Market Valuation Popular market valuation metrics
8 Market Trend Analyzer The Market Trend Analyzer is a price based, long term trend following system designed as a fail safe for investment strategy and portfolios. Charts show current MTA condition for US equities, international equities, global equities, REITs, and commodities.
10 Currencies Daily charts of key global currencies
Chartbook Description