World Wrap

World Wrap

Markets were able to close the week modestly higher after a strong Friday jobs report which included a 49yr record low unemployment rate of 3.6%
Healthcare has been staging a bounce back, with all its 4.8% ytd gains coming in the last two wks. The sector has become a 2020 election poll.
In a familiar tactic of Trump’s to use economic strength as political capital in trade negotiations, tariffs on $200b of Chinese goods to increase to 25% on Friday.
Commodities have been slipping since peaking nearly a month ago. The economic bellwether, Dr. Copper, has been sliding, contradicting recent positive economic news.


Market Risk Index

Market Risk Index scales from 0 to 100%. Higher readings correspond with higher risk markets. Scores below 25% are bullish. Scores between 25-75% are neutral, and scores above 75% are markets vulnerable to major drawdowns.

Model Category Readings (Percentiles)

  • Psychology 99.7% 99.7%
  • Monetary 87.2% 87.2%
  • Valuation 99.3% 99.3%
  • Market Trend 9.8% 9.8%